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View Diary: The Grassroots Has Dianne Feinstein's Attention (243 comments)

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  •  "Every comment and any proposed diary... (0+ / 0-)

    ... on recalling a member of Congress is hot air in ignorance of facts available with a quick search."

    What "proposed diaries" about recalling a member of Congress?  And in particular, about Feinstein?  I have seen none.

    I'm glad that you've again posted yet another comment criticizing people... but your comments just add to another comments that get lost in the dead wood and "hot air", as you put it... why not set yourself apart, and post your own diary about the impossibility of recalling Feinstein?

    I ask you this once again...  let's see if you finally take up the challenge you yourself set up and do something productive, that has a basis in fact.  You yourself will be doing a tremendous service to the Daily Kos community, leading them back from the path they've followed so astray from the effectiveness that you seek.

    Show the flock of ignorant masses the light.  Please!  You've been annointed the new messiah...

    •  Awesome suggestion. (0+ / 0-)

      What a concept! I too can have a "diary"--with a "tip jar" even! I can see it now. An endless stream of diaries explaining to KOS readers things they should know and can easily find with a will and a few minutes checking. This will do a great deal to prevent them from running off and wasting effort in actions pre doomed to failure! At your suggestion, perhaps dedicated to you, the first will be "Members of Congress Cannot be Recalled" with citation.

      Soon to follow--I haven't decided whether daily, weekly or monthly--will be:

      "The President of the United States Serves a Four Year Term" with citations.

      "Part One: Impeachment Takes Place in the House of Representatives" with citations.

      "Part Two: An Impeached Official is Tried in the Senate" with citations.

      "Part Three: A Supermajority is Required in the Senate to Convict" with citations.

      "The Earth Is Roughly a Globe" with images and citations.

      Sure thing. Maybe when we get home fusion power.

      As to writing in frustration? I know frustration. Last November I got the first federal elected official with a "D" since Clinton departed. The previous election gave me a Democrat, making two no less, in the entire chain from the county to the Oval Office. With one or two exceptions all the rest in that chain made Di Fi look like a flaming liberal. Yeah, I know about frustration.

      Instead of "Hey! We can fly to Seattle and demonstrate in front of Congress!" to work for change I began working at the local level for change and began to see it two elections ago. It is slow, far in the background, but I wasn't later hit with: "Congress isn't in that Washington? Damn!"

      So, no diaries on the simple facts. That line is closed and I intend to spend much of the day doing those more practical things to bring some change to my locality. I will continue to point to facts when I happen to notice others are apparently advocating  chasing their own tail as a constructive action.

      Expecting pure free enterprise to serve a population is like expecting a garden to feed a family by simply throwing out bags of seed on the ground. (Me)

      by pelagicray on Fri Nov 16, 2007 at 05:34:45 AM PST

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