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  •  readers should know that John Edwards (3+ / 0-)

    has specifically repudiated Bush's 2002 National Security Strategy of "preventive war". From the 11/5 speech:

    We need, in short, a new strategy for Iran. My plan for Iran has five principles.

    First and foremost, we need to ensure that the preventive war doctrine goes where it belongs -- the trash-heap of history. As he has done with so much else, Vice President Al Gore got it right about the preventive war doctrine. In 2002 -- the same year that George Bush introduced his preventive war doctrine -- Gore made a speech at the Commonwealth Club in California. He said, and I quote, "What this doctrine does is to destroy the goal of a world in which states consider themselves subject to law, particularly in the matter of standards for the use of violence against each other. That concept would be displaced by the notion that there is no law but the discretion of the President of the United States."

    These are especially chilling words to read five years later -- after Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and the president's refusal to condemn torture, and they are particularly relevant to the situation with Iran.

    I believe every candidate owes it to the American people to be very clear about where he or she stands on this question. As commander-in-chief, my national security policy will be based on deterrent strength and always protecting Americans -- in short, the use of force as a last resort.

    As a part of this strategy, I will ask my National Security Advisor to remove President Bush's explicit endorsement of a preventive war doctrine from my National Security Strategies. And I will ask our Joint Chiefs of Staff to form military plans in accordance with proven national security strategies that we know can keep us and our allies safe -- not discredited and dangerous ideological fancies.

    •  thanks, but still not impressed (0+ / 0-)

      started to comment but it got so long it turned into a diary, to be published as soon as it's finished.

      The essence is, Edwards may renounce Bush's 'preventive war' policy but he

      1. still gets too much information about Iran from neocon sources or interpretations, and
      1. still thinks US somehow has the right (much less the ability) to rearrange other sovereign nations' cultures, customs, and governments.  

      I disagree.

      When a coward sees a man he thinks he can beat he becomes hungry for a fight. -Chinhua Achebe, Things Fall Apart.

      by BughouseWW on Fri Nov 23, 2007 at 03:05:44 PM PST

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