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View Diary: Noam Chomsky on U.S. policy towards Iran (223 comments)

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    I see nothing wrong with fighting some countries possession of nuclear weapons, while not stressing about other countries possession of nuclear weapons.  The truth of the matter is that Iran is a country run by religious fanatics that violently hates jews, executes homosexuals, oppresses women...not exactly a stable country.  In many ways it is a country living in the 15th century that may have 21st century weapons.  I see nothing wrong with trusting secular democracies with this technology, more than theocracies or dictatorships....

    Like our good buddy Musharraf in Pakistan? You trust him with nuclear weapons, eh? Good thing he's a not a military dictator, eh?

    Oh, wait.

    Or like our friends, the Saudis and the Eypgtians to whom we offer much money and weaponry. Good thing they're not rutheless dictators, oligarchs, and theocracies.

    Oh wait.

    Or like our old friends in the past...the Iraqi regime under Saddam, for example. Good thing he wasn't a ruthless dictator.

    Oh, wait.

    ... or...wait for it...the Shah of Iran, himself! Good thing he wasn't a ruthless dictator whom we installed via a CIA coup and propped up with our weaponry and helped train and fund his ruthless SAVAK secret police.

    Oh, wait.

    Indeed the circle of our "friends" is far more gratuitous and far freer of any formal ethical criteria  than you apparently can imagine.

    I mean, really, what nuanced value and political system do you imagine needs to be a place to win a reprieve from a USA bombing?

    It ain't democracy, never has been.

    Remember that wonderful expression of Democracy that the CIA saw fit to overthrow in Chile with the popular assent of Allende? Remember that wonderful expression of Democracy we saw fit to destroy in Nicaragua by arming and funding the murderous ex-National Guard?

    It ain't non-theocracy, never has been.

    Remember the secular regime of Saddam Hussein--one of the few truly secular regimes in the region? Remember earlier, the secular regime of Nasser in Eygpt? 'Secularism' didn't win too many favors from us, did it? But Saudi Arabia is a theocracy. And we're providing billions in military 'assistance' to their regime.

    It's only this: sometimes whoever is currently our friend for whatever relevant interests we might have to make them a friend. Usually this magically involves resources or trade that we find valuable. Or certain logistical advantages. It has zero to do with their political system, whether they torture, kill their own people indiscriminately or eat live babies on national television--we've made it a point to not give a shit about those things.

    Naturally, all in the interest of ...wait for it..."national security".

    You might want to try reading a little history of the region and your own country's history and involvement in it before making such grandiose claims about what you see as 'wrong' or 'right'.

    If you want to guarantee a Republican President, vote for Hillary in the primaries. She's the single strongest unifying force the Republican party has.

    by DelicateMonster on Tue Nov 20, 2007 at 10:49:46 AM PST

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