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  •  sounds good (3.37)
    I think I'd go with the vinegar (not very much) and maybe a little easier on the garlic, 2 maybe because garlic can sort of overwhelm fish. I'll give it a try!
    •  Garlic (3.44)
      Yes, that's why I was wary of putting any in to begin with.  I wanted to see what it was like without it.  Two is probably right, because the point is for it to add complexity to the mango and not to be a flavour in its own right.  And I'm thinking a teaspoon of white wine vinegar.  Oh the other thing I was thinking of was with another fish - maybe halibut - or even chicken.  If you have a try, let me know.
    •  Mango x 3 (3.37)
      Oh, and the other thought I had was to ditch the garam masala, and instead have quite a bit of black pepper.
    •  vinegar (3.50)
      are you an adobo fan? I've been thinking about making some chicken adobo lately, but I hate the way my house smells like it for weeks afterward. I'm not sure my roommates will ever forgive me.

      Garlic with fish I'll agree is a strange mix. Not necessarily bad, but to be approached with caution, to be sure. I'm more of a lemon+dill+butter+capers kind of girl - a traditionalist, I guess.

      •  Garlic and fish (3.33)
        Oh, you should definitely try some garlic with the juice of a lemon, a bit of oil other than olive (e.g. sunflower), and an bit of spice, like cumin or a regular curry powder mix.   Mix it and spread it over the fish in the morning and grill it later on.  The garlic is there to add complexity to the other flavours - like salt - rather than as a taste in its own right.  And if you eat rice, prepare some basmati with a good bit of turmeric and raisons to go with it.  (If you boil the rice, put the turmeric in straight after the rice, not before, and the raisons with the rice).  This is called geel rys, or yellow rice, and with the fish it is very tasty.

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