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View Diary: Can Kerry's extreme makeover fool independents ? (99 comments)

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  •  Still disagree with you (2.60)
    But really, we should exercise a little judgment in the sorts of crap that we need to debate.

    Like recipes?

    Cutting and pasting a news story, then adding on the idea that this is all about some Extreme Makeover of Kerry is the very bloody definition of a troll post.

    The bolded part is what everyone does here.  I don't consider it a troll if I disagree with the idea.

    •  Trolling (3.57)
      Well, the bolded part leaves out the crucial bit that makes it a troll post, i.e. the only content it adds is a Thug talking point.  

      Frankly, if a republican came to this site and wanted to say, here's why I'm voting for Bush, I would be as happy as can be.  Because I know that although that person would get some shit from some of the people here, the vast majority would be supportive of a critical dialogue.   It's just the nonsense, stupid, bankrupt crap that gets thrown this way by trolls like Torch that is irritating.  Hell, its the intellectual equivalent of farting.  Now, if we choose to laugh at some idiot's moronic attempts at sowing doubts amongst the lefties, I can't for the life of me see where some violation of the spirit of the first amendment occurs.

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