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View Diary: Can Kerry's extreme makeover fool independents ? (99 comments)

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  •  Three Zero Ratings???! (1.45)
    For what!

    A poorly received thought/opinion?

    Shame on you 0-raters! This is not what Kos had in mind when he created this community.

    If Torch wants to call those swing voter who fell for Bush's "compassionate conservatism" fools, well, why troll rate him?

    Kerry's wrap-himself-in-the-flag, "I am the legitimate commander-in-chief" strategy is indeed problemmatic for the Party.

    Again, I can't believe anyone here at Kos is troll-rating opinions.

    CT-4 and CT-2! Two New England House races that Dems can win.

    by edwardbanderson on Sat Jul 31, 2004 at 05:27:44 AM PDT

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    •  That's rich (4.00)
      From someone who has been troll-rating those who are expressing their opinions about how trolling should be very calmly and politely ridiculed.

      That's your piece de resistance for this evening.  Take a bow.

      •  Troll-rating the "Recipe" Crowd..... (1.54)
        You are so wrong about Torch. He is a typical Dean democrat.

        Why don't you review his diaries before you attempt to marginalize him.

        And yes, I am trying to discourage people from posting over contentious threads with recipes.

        The new Kossian??: "I don't like what you are saying..... so everyone join in, God BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!"

        Sticks and stones might always hurt me, but opposing ideas are what I'm truly scared of!

        and, btw, troll-rating is different then yelling, "I smell a Troll".

        CT-4 and CT-2! Two New England House races that Dems can win.

        by edwardbanderson on Sat Jul 31, 2004 at 05:37:19 AM PDT

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        •  Your hypocrisy... (3.80)
          is a work of art, really.

          Doling out troll ratings to people who aren't trols to express your disapproval of their doling out troll ratings to someone you don't think is a troll... (I won't even bother urging you to read the guy's past diaries, since your only purpose seems to be to defend the indefensible -- god  forbid you acquaint yourself with the facts when they will get in the way of your self-righteous ignorance.)

          Hypocritical and self-righteous -- why don't you just join a fundamentalist church and get it over with?

          Here -- have a cartoon to troll rate, since you'll do it anyway.

          Maryscott O'Connor -- Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.

          by Maryscott OConnor on Sat Jul 31, 2004 at 02:15:02 PM PDT

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          •  asdf (2.12)
            "defend the indefensible"???

            Like free speech, public debate, dissenting views?

            You bet I'm going to troll-rate people who's only purpose in posting is to disrupt a thread.

            If you want to call that hypocritical, and self-righteous, I think it is you who are acting like a fundie.

            CT-4 and CT-2! Two New England House races that Dems can win.

            by edwardbanderson on Sat Jul 31, 2004 at 04:35:56 PM PDT

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          •  Bravo. (3.50)
            BTW, don't you get annoyed with the hubris of a 3-rating? It's like saying "well your comment was good, but not excellent: a distinction I can make because of my superior intelligence."

            Gbomb: Flip flops. Can I get a Eogget already?

            by ARingMD2B on Sat Jul 31, 2004 at 06:05:14 PM PDT

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        •  Opposing ideas (3.80)
          Actually, I earn my living engaging in a critical examination of opposing ideas.  I'm very fond of opposing ideas.  My doctoral thesis was, in essence, a philosophical defence of contrarianism, written in opposition to just about every other theorist who writes about disagreement.  I grew up in a country where 99% of the people around me had fundamentally opposing ideas to my own and I learnt to deal with them as the need demanded: with ridicule when they were being stupid, with reasoned argumentation when they were being open-minded, and with passion when they were being heartless.  

          As I said quite a while ago, if Republicans want to come to this site and say, "look, these are the reasons I don't like Kerry and will vote for Bush," I'd be as happy as larry.  But all we get is Torch, who, really, is either a paid operative of BC04, a freelance wingnut holed up in an attic somewhere, or,if you are right about him being a Deaniac, the stupidest wally I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.  I get the impression that if Sidney Blumenthal had launched a satirical attack on the Drudge Report, you would have been mightily upset (the horror the horror, free speech, free speech).  Or maybe Clinton should have spent his presidency engaging in reasoned discussion about whether or not he and HRC had Vince Foster whacked.

          Now, again, I don't want to silence Torch.  I want to ridicule his bullshit.  That's my free speech, honeypie, so suck on it.

        •  Torch is a troubling guy (4.00)
          First of all, I think there is something about the name and the writing style that indicates this is a guy.  If you review his diary, his posts started last May very solidly mainline Democratic.  Then they started to rattle around in a fringe Democratic way.  Then he started to post Freeper kinds of headlines.  He rattles around with some hopeful things and dives into some Rethug slogans.  He may be some kind of fringe Democrat, but his lack of a consistent philosophical center makes me think he is making it up as he goes along, and how he presents himself is the fiction of the day.  Moreover, the guy never, never, never rates anyone.  That would present a lot of evidence about with whom he resonates.  In the vast chamber of Dkos surely he must like a musing now and then.  No, this is hard to assess, but my gut tells me we have an interloper here, and given the number of posts to this and others of his diaries with the same conclusion, my guess is that "Torch" (Torch of Liberty? Fire Thrower?  Arson?  What does his name mean?) is an imposter.
      •  Marginal-rating the "Recipe" Crowd (1.62)
        As for me, I'm giving the recipes marginals because this is a political site not a baking site, and this isn't an open thread.

        I'm not giving them troll ratings because they're not intentionally trying to stir up trouble.

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