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    ...about the support of Kucinich.

    Not about the being afraid to say it, though. He's the only person running right now, who I'd actually feel good about voting for. Put that man on the ballot. He's pure gold.

    I'd vote for Edwards, but he's just ok. Not fantastic. Electable, but not the pure dynamite that Kucinich is.

    Obama.... I dunno. The fiery outspoken quality that made him relevant disappeared once he started reading pre-programmed material all the time. He's turned into a cardboard cut-out of himself with a battery powered voicebox. Remember when he was somebody? Man, those were good times.

    Hillary Clinton? Epic Fail. Please stand on the big red X, while I point and laugh at you, and make hilarious youtube videos of your misadventure. Now in slow motion. And again. And again. Look, you got three out of five stars.

    So, yeah Kucinich is top choice, as far as I'm concerned. That's probably because he's out there leading, while the media-chosen "front runners" are off focus-grouping their advertising slogans.

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