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    ...Warrantlees wiretaps are just as hideous as warrantless arrests, and one step short of what Bush and his cronies are pulling today! They for all practical purposes revoke your citizenship!

    If Bush gets away with this it won't be long before they can warrantlessly arrest you just as legally as they warrantlessly wiretappaed and surveilled you for the evidence they based for your undoubtedly just as false charges!

    Gone is the hundreds, no thousands of years old precept of "presumption of innocence", and enter in the tyranny of the concept that says "if we're not all presumed innocent, then we must be all be presumed guilty"!

    And once presumed guilty, Bush carries it one step further, he makes it practically next to impossible to prove one's innocence in a court of law by a jury of one's peers. How? The accused is not privy to either the charges (the Bills of Particular), nor the State's evidence aginst him! And he alone is the final court of review, the Judicial branch knocked completely out of the loop! This smacks of dictatorship which is TREASON!

    It's a red herring argument that deflects the main point to try and conflate warrentless wiretaps with giving the "terrorists" the same rights as American citizens, because it is a subterfuge for what Bush is pulling on all of us himself, and what he has admitted doing since BEFORE 9/11, and before he claims he had any knowledge of terrorism or the existence of terrorists: Domestic terrorism!

    George W. Bush and his war crminal cabal are the greatest threat to the United States, not the American people. Score another one for the Bush Doctrine of the Propaganda of Fear!

    "I am convinced that Hillary Clinton is the candidate best equipped to pass laws" Rep. Barney Frank

    by ImpeachKingBushII on Sun Nov 25, 2007 at 11:58:27 AM PST

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