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View Diary: Joe Klein, idiot tool of the GOP (114 comments)

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    In other words, Klein's GOP source(s) blatantly lied to him about what the bill does and doesn't do in order to manipulate him into uncritically feeding Time's readers the Rush Limbaugh Line -- namely, that Democrats are giving equal rights to Terrorists and preventing the Leader from eavesdropping on foreign Terrorists...

    An outrage, I tell you!  

    Clearly, the Democratic Party has a long,  accomplished record of meeting the Limbaugh standard of anti-terrist excellence.  

    How unfair of Klein to spin this so meanly.  

    When will the MSM start giving Security State Dems the credit they are due in the glorious perpetual struggle against international islamafascism?

    Partisanship is not the essence of politics.  Partisanship is the abdication of politics.

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