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View Diary: Zogby "interactive" polls are junk (322 comments)

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  •  Oh yes Rrrrrudy (11+ / 0-)

    Tweety starts all his programs as follows:

    Today the Rudyator, the leader of the freeish world,   the testosterone savior has put down again his wimpy opponents with awesome remarks. Also Romney himself put in the streets a serial killer and he is like that Democratic candidate that didn't care if his wive was raped. Thompson is such a presence, when he enters a room I see a tall guy, do you notice he is tall that's very important for a president, and his voice is manly also.

    Hillary is printing in her basement driving licenses for illegal suicide bombers, and she is just like Bush (the guy I loved because of his manliness like now I love Rrrrrudy). We can't allow this woman with her high pitch voice as a leading candidate. Obama you should say what I'm going to say right now. Edwards I have disqualified you.

    Now lets talk with this reporter and give her some weird compliments out of the Brat Pack socializing handbook.

    Iconoclasts for hillary 08

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