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View Diary: Zogby "interactive" polls are junk (322 comments)

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    And to add one thing, I don't believe Polls should have this much power or credence, and I certainly do not let them effect my decisions one bit.  However the fact is very plain and simple, the Media, and the extension: intellectually lazy/uninformed American's however very certainly let this dictate who is a viable candidate.  

    I personally will never let 1000 people's opinion influence my opinion.  

    I think we need less polls, and less sound bites, and more actual "vetting" of candidates.  And how we get stuck with the crop of candidates we have that are "viable" on the Dem or Republican front, is embarassing to America and Kangaroo Democracies all over the world.  I mean seriously, you can laugh it up about any Republican in the race (viable or not), and out of the big 3 on the Dem side, only 1 is not a DINO.  And when I say "name only" I include also those who talk like a Democrat, but do not act like one (aka Clinton and Obama).  

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