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  •  Maybe he overcame the deficit because... (0+ / 0-)

    There wasn't a deficit?

    Honestly, how reliable are these polls? We get a new freaking poll every week with a different result. They are snapshots, but they certainly can't determine everything. Once we do elect a candidate, they have 10 months to campaign against their opponent. A lot can happen in those 10 months. I think going by polls for the general election are almost laughable.

    I mean, Dean & Lieberman were supposed to win the Iowa Caucus...and when Edwards surprised them, the media set themselves up for him being the V.P. - because the media acts as if whatever they say is set in stone.

    I'll believe that Hillary Clinton can win the general election when I see it. And I'll believe that she can set this country on the right path when she is able to work with Republicans and put aside her ambitious goals to correct the wrongs of this administration.

    •  asdf (0+ / 0-)

      "We get a new freaking poll every week with a different result."

      Not so, in 1999. Gore faced consistent double digit polls poll after poll, week after week, before he even had a campaign apparatus. You can check them out for yourself.

      While polls taken far out are only snapshots, they do set you back in many ways. People look at them and judge the race; that, eg, can influence your fund raising potential (Bush did outraise Gore $190mn to $130mn, as it turned out. I predict that they would have raised about even, had Gore been in the lead or was even)

      In Gore's case, i also think the media would not have taken to smearing him as they did, had he been ahead or even in polls, instead of trailing badly. And finally, you do have to expend effort to overcome poll numbers, while your opponent will also be making his/her moves at the same time.

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