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  •  gee w bush and the Neos consolidate the gain to (4+ / 0-)

    their halliburtonblaaakwaterexxxonmbils and allow the Pain to be shared by the gulllible middle, lower and wurking Poor ! Hello, cant affford college, well just sign on the dottted fukin line and be army strong, semper fi and they fall for it as do theire mainly patriotic moms and das and that fukin Sad ! What bush-chaney and the muney grubbin fukin pigs have done to our country[And as christians[?] is Sad and Perverted..Keeep christ X-mas and Nuke Iran who, like Iraq has dun nuthing to america..Be Pro-life and stand by while millions of thurd wurld country children die from starvation,lack of medicines..The flies of death in and out of their mouths and staring dead eyes, swollen stomachs, mothers who are so emaciated that they kave no mothers milk...What do you say born agains and pope ? You want these children, Now Take care of Them ! Who cares, give me a big mac and a fries...Super Size em, keep looking away and pretend its not happening, chi;ldren arent dying needlessly..It's the White, Civilized[?], christian wurld's shame and no one cares..baaa, humbug

    "Better a little late, than a little never"..Doctor Julian Winston

    by Johnny Rapture on Mon Nov 26, 2007 at 02:41:26 PM PST

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