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  •  Absolutely it is a distraction. (0+ / 0-)

    Why on Thanksgiving recess, when a "side" agreement with Maliki, the one Iraqi beholden to Bush (Nouri has no base of his own), no standing except a tentative one that no majority can agree on a replacement(no one else has a majority)is done? And the news is all about "peace" talks at Annapolis?

    This is the equivalent of friday nite news dump.
    The media is playing along giving minimum coverage.
    The Senate ratifies treaties. This President lost his majority last November 2006 and he STILL rams thru his personal deal that benefits himself and his pals/ and puts the USA down for permanent occupation?

     Wait until the Iraqis get a load of the Quisling sellout Malki deal. Then wait for the wrath to come down on all those associated with it. The Iraqis want US combat troops out. 80% do.  Even those who don't right away have no desire to have this permanent uncertainty and lawless gunmen like Blackwater running around guarding US satraps and envoys and minders for Iraqis. They won't agree to it,especially if its even presented to them..

     The US Senate has to ratify any foreign  deal.  Every Senator who agrees to Bush's shameful, exploitative scandalous treachery that will sap US funds, goodwill, self respect for looting and stealing the Iraqi patrimony and bleed this country for years to come deserves termination by the voters.

    Every single last one.

    Silence is golden. As long as Americans are silent about things that matter, the gold buys and keeps silent.

    by Pete Rock on Mon Nov 26, 2007 at 07:59:53 PM PST

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