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  •  I once worked for a world-wide rumour monger (7+ / 0-)

    Wilbur Schramm.  He was touted to be the "father of modern day social communications theory."   In fact, his science and theory grew out of global currency destabilization psy-operations against the Germans.

    I've often over the years thought that it was funny that our global networks of the time were sufficiently entrenched to make his operations successful.

    I've lost touch with this field.  Does anyone know of how the rumor and propaganda operations of the players works today?  Is the USA still the best at smoke and mirrors?  Who is the MSM in this?  FT?  NYT?  FOX Business?  Who are the global players in the MSM?  

    Oh, and back in the Wilbur's day there was no internet.

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