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  •  The dollar still has a chance... (6+ / 0-) be the world's reserve currency, if we can break our dependence on foreign oil! But we have only a small window of opportunity to jump ahead of the curve on this. We have the technology in America TODAY, we have the genius, and the innovative minds, and all the money needed to advance the creation of a new age in renewable energy, which is the same thing Al Gore has been trying to get through all of our hard heads. Solar energy. Wind Power. Geothermal energy. Clean coal technologies. Ethanol. The list of renewable fuels is endless! And the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

    The American dollar can be the new energy reserve currency under the 21st Century Revolution of changing from a finite energy-based economy and currency to one that is virtually unlimited and untapped! The dollar might be down, but don't count us out--yet!

    We can re-tool American industries and indeed lead the way again. We did it once, when we converted from the horse and buggy and invented our way into the modern industrial age, and we can do it again!


    •  Retooling American industries: (3+ / 0-)

      It will take a lot of hard work to reverse a policy that began under Carter - the deindustrialization of America.

    •  It is in Progressive American's (3+ / 0-)

      best interests to keep the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Those celebrating a shift to the Euro are celebrating a crippling of a President Obama or President Edwards ability to truly effect progressive change in the world. Just because the Neo-Cons abused a form of American power does not mean that we as progressive should cheer the demise of that power. Just as "what is good for GM is not necessarily good for America, what is good for European monetary policy is not necessarily good for America." And by America, I mean REAL Americans - progressives, Democrats, working people.

      I have many, many wealthy clients, and if you think that they will be adversely effected by a shift to the Euro, think again.

      you scratch a redneck and you will find a liberal underneath.....

      by Schtu on Tue Nov 27, 2007 at 08:12:44 PM PST

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      •  And I'd venture to say your wealthy clients... (3+ / 0-)
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        Jerome a Paris, word is bond, Cliss

        ...well, at least some of them support Bush's Doctrine of Pre-emptive War, which is really an oil war! Bush said himself that, "Money trumps peace".

        We need to change this mindset that says it's ok to attack sovereign nations for a false mission, aka "spreading democracy and freedom", when it's obvious that the real mission is one of scrambling to secure the finite oil resources that are left.

        We have reached peak oil and we had better all realize this while we still have the window of opportunity and the time to change to more renewable fuel sources. And we can all do it it we change our current mindsets, stop being so greedy, and thinking only as far as the next oil tanker leaving the middle est, etc.

        The 21st Century offers us all both a blessing and a curse. I sincerely hope we choose peaceful discourses leading to peaceful solutions. The alternative to peace is war, and I hope and pray thaat we don't continue to choose that path we're currently on. There's intersections of time in life, and this is one of those crossroads!

        Wars for oil mocks the very meaning of those words, freedom and democracy, because no one is truly safe and secure as long as we live under the threat of annihalation, and it causes the world to both fear and loathe us, and makes us look adversarial instead of being co-equal, peaceful partners for the betterment of mandkind!

        This minset sets the stage for regional and world conflagration, which is counter-productive in every sense.

        The world needs to know where America stands, that America you referred to as "real" Americans. Real Americans want peace like the rest of the REAL world, not the one that exists in Bush's mind, in Bush's world.

        Our current war mongering war criminal cabal in power in our nation does NOT represent the prevailing opinions and views of the majority of the true American patriots which are working towards a better tomorrow for all of us, both here at home and abroad!

        Most Americans do not share Bush's view of "It's us against them", or "it's my way or the highway". I hope that your many wealthy clients understand that the rule of law will be restored shortly and Bush's Doctrine of the Rule of Force, will change, because America will make those necessary changes. Mark my words, this tyranny of the Bush regime cannot and shall NOT stand forever!

        I just hope the world has the patience for us to change through our electoral and judicial processes, and that we fulfill our destiny asthe true leaders of world peace, before it rises up against us and changes our mindset militarily for us! No sane person wants or seeks diplomacy only after all war has failed! And nobody could ever accuse this current regime of any resemblance of that trait. Peace.

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