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    here in the land of oz, I've heard "Leaky Laurie" pontificate on a trough: "A weak Australian dollar is bad because ... " and at the other end of the sinewave, "A strong Australian dollar is bad because ... "

    There's never any good news in a world of smoke and mirrors.

    Canadian dollars pumped up to 1.10 but you'd never know it from real life in the grocery story or buying gasoline. And, indeed, between the 15% U.S. tariff on lumber and the exchange rate, Canadian small mills are going out of business.

    weak dollars are good? I am confused because I cannot quite see how selling more volume at less real profit is a Good Thing? And when I factor in a hypothetical real $1 on the cost of manufacturing infrastructure against a 0.70 per X retail price, I still see no advantage. Isn't it maybe when you weigh exporter advantage against importer increased cost, the overall effect to 'the commons' is a zero sum game?

    But oh yeah, we don't have a weak dollar anyway, Paulson said we support a strong dollar. Nothing to see here, folks.

    What is past, is prologue

    by US2oz on Tue Nov 27, 2007 at 09:18:14 PM PST

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