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View Diary: John Edwards, Trial Lawyers, and McDonald's Coffee (223 comments)

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  •  What a load of troll droppings (4.00)
    I brew my own strong, hot coffee.  I drink it (often) black, having filled the mug up from the pot (often) before the pot's even finished brewing.

    I've spilled it on myself.  Silly me, trying to read the paper or surf the net while drinking coffee.

    I've never burned myself with it enough--even the full mug I spilled onto myself and a keyboard once--to require any attention to a burn.  Though I think I got a minor burn from that one, it didn't need tending.  All better now.

    To have to go in for skin grafts suggests that the coffee was at an absurdly high temperature.

    There are warnings on water heaters and special valves and such that parents can install to keep a kid from putting water that's 50 degrees cooler onto external skin.

    180 degrees?  Jeez, that's "HOT"?  And McDonald's thought that was a reasonable termperature for someone to put into their mouth?  Instant pain and burn.

    There's responsibility... and responsibility.  And the court made McDonald's take responsibility for their decision to keep their coffee at a ridiculously hot temperature.  They were gambling with the safety and well-being of real people in the interests of squeezing a little more profit margin out.

    And that's an attitude and action that deserved a very sharp, harsh rebuke.

    A liberal is a conservative who's been through treatment. -- Garrison Keillor

    by ogre on Sun Aug 01, 2004 at 07:32:55 PM PDT

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    •  I've got a scar on my foot (none)
      I just checked. It's still there after something like 25 years.

      When I was a kid, my mom was driving me and my siblings to Gramma's house for some holiday. Mom had brewed herself a Thermos of coffee for the drive. When we were setting out, she asked me to pour her a cup. As I was pouring, someone in another car did something erratic and my mom had to slam on the brakes. I spilled the thermos of coffee all over my foot and was burned rather badly.

      So just be careful. Even home brew can be powerful hot sometimes. (Nobody sued anybody in this incident, by the way.)

      I'm &y and I approved this message.

      by abw on Sun Aug 01, 2004 at 09:17:40 PM PDT

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