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  •  I don't think this is a blockbuster story (0+ / 0-)

    Everybody already knew he had an affair.  And even the story concedes that he's entitled to 24/7 security protection, including when he's off-duty and out of town:

    The receipts tally the costs of hotel and gas bills for the police detectives who traveled everywhere with the mayor, according to cover sheets that label them "PD expenses" and travel authorizations that describe the trips.

    New York's mayor receives round-the-clock police protection, and there's no suggestion that Giuliani used his detail improperly on these trips.

    The same expenses would presumably have been incurred even if he was going to Southhampton to play golf, as he claimed.  And regardless of which agency paid them, the money came from the same taxpayers.  Unless there's some restriction upon how often the mayor of NYC can leave the city on the weekends, or what he can do on his time when he is out of the city, I simply don't see this as a major scandal.  It's embarrassing for sure, because it again calls attention to his affair, but since everybody who's remotely been paying attention already knew about that, and about the rather seedy way in which he conducted it, I just don't see this as being nearly as major a story as many of us think it is.

    "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security." -Ben Franklin

    by leevank on Thu Nov 29, 2007 at 07:50:33 AM PST

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