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View Diary: National Review: GOP in Deep Doo-Doo (315 comments)

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  •  The thing about the culture wars (2+ / 0-)
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    pine, Cassandra Waites

    is that the young are overwhelmingly on our side.

    They were winning in the short-term partly due to the culture wars, but in the process they turned off a whole lot of young people who are/will be growing up and voting, while another generation of older people pass away.

    It's exactly the same short-term stupidity as Pete Wilson's race-baiting shtick that won him the California governorship but cost the state party the state in the long run.

    I think the reason why these people never see the problems of this short-term strategy is because they are, in their party, the majority - older white men - and they simply cannot conceive that actual demographics in the country are growing increasingly different and that they need to learn to pitch their rhetoric to other audiences as well.

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