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View Diary: Obama Electrifies DNC faithful. My personal account of yesterday's DNC Fall Meeting. (64 comments)

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  •  great first hand report----love your (13+ / 0-)

    enthusiasm and dedication----it was in evidence.  I want every voter to experience Obama in person---and then there would be no doubt as to the outcome of the election.
     I attended a town hall mtg he had in my mostly conservative area of Illinois and it was a real eye-opener.  The college gym was jammed to the rafters and all ages were in attendance---mid-day, mid-week.  The atmosphere was electric when he was introduced----everyone on their feet and cheering.  And when he spoke, he engaged the crowd and you could feel the positive feedback---laughing hard at his little jokes and clapping wildly for the points of his talk.  Everyone of course crowded around him afterward----I tried to get close, but the little old ladies pushed me out of the way.  I bragged later that I got to touch his elbow---and my family still teases me about that little accomplishment.  
     And listening to the people walk out of there----everyone saying "wow, just wow!", I knew we were in for an exciting future with this most impressive talent.

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