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View Diary: Judy's Friends & Family Plan - Or, "Hey Judy, pimp my ride!" (134 comments)

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  •  Rudy! and Judi! should resign (2+ / 0-)
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    vcmvo2, ER Doc

    from the human race.

    and I beg my brothers and sisters, all 8 million of them, and the millions like myself, scattered by time and circumstance far from the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge, to tar and feather these two and run them out of the greatest city in the world on a rusty bucket of a tug boat headed toward the North Atlantic.

    Crap. On top of this looting and arrogance exhibited by Rudy! and Judi! being an insult to  the city of my birth, it means we Dems will face either robo-Mitt or Huck in the general, I fear.

    •  Hmmm Mitt or Huck (1+ / 0-)
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      I tend towards Mitt because he's far better financed, but I would go for the gut that it would be Huck, if I were a desperate rethug I might tend to Huck because when I see him on TV I actually find myself liking him for ahwhile (til he starts talkin' about abortion and bibles and that stuff). I think social values rethugs will go for him.

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