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  •  Chief Seattle: (8+ / 0-)

    "The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth."

    This quotation was featured over the image of Chief Seattle on the seven-storey wall at the center of the US Pavillion at Expo '74 in Spokane, WA. (On the back side was the IMAX theater.)

    And this during a republican (Nixon) administration.

    Your life begins when you are born, but your life story begins at that moment when you discover that you are in the wrong family. (Phillip Pullman)

    by homogenius on Tue Dec 11, 2007 at 07:22:52 PM PST

    •  no truer words have been spoken... (6+ / 0-)

      and summarily ignored...

    •  alas, authenticity/sourcing is in question (1+ / 0-)
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      According to Wikipedia :

      The speech attributed to [Seattle], as re-written by others, has been widely cited as "powerful, bittersweet plea for respect of Native American rights and environmental values", but there is little evidence that he actually spoke it

      and even more strongly on an authoritative site on Chief Seattle:

      Below is the text of “Chief Seattle’s” speech as translated by Dr. Henry A. Smith. Even this text’s authenticity is suspect, since it was published in a small journal in 1887, more than 30 years after Chief Seattle supposedly gave this speech in his native Salish language in 1854. Dr. Smith did not speak Salish, although he may have known Chinook, the Northwest Coast pidgin language. If Chief Seattle actually said these words (a big if), someone else at the 1954 speech may have translated it from Salish into Chinook and Smith then made notes about it, which he kept for more than 30 years before writing his “Chief Seattle” speech.

      More likely, Smith just made this speech up.

      (coming to my attention because last night, as I was reading this piece out loud (slightly abridged for vocal chord preservation), my sweetie alternated reading out loud from an EcoVillage-movement-founder's book which cited the speech, and raised some questions about some embedded anachronisms)

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