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View Diary: Bush:  It's Important To Know The Facts As We See Them (205 comments)

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    finally i have come to realize the main objective of the bush white house. it is simply to undo everything i learned in the very good public school system that i attended in the 1950's and 60's on long island, ny. back then we were pushed to value the bill of rights, the constitution, the scientific method, critical thinking, fact vs. opinion and other arcane and out dated ideas and ways of percieving.

    now the scales have fallen from my eyes and i am happily joining hands with the presidummie, dickhead, rummy and the rest and entering the brave new world where deranged father figures expound on unsupportable beliefs and fantastic untruths. i just nod and say....yes sahib, yes while it seems cold out today in the hudson valley i will wait to find out if in fact it really was quite hot and humid...

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