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View Diary: UPDATED: IF this is true, we can safely write off Edwards (252 comments)

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    Not Voinovich, please.  He may look good on paper from far away, but here in Ohio, I can tell you I don't think he'd be good in a Cabinet.

    I have mixed feelings on Specter.  He seems willing at least to call BS some of the time when he sees it.

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    by drbloodaxe on Tue Dec 04, 2007 at 12:23:39 PM PST

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      removing Voinovich -- or any Repub Senator -- from the Senate who can then be replaced by an appointee of a Democratic governor to serve until the special election (or next regular election, depending on the state laws) has got to be a winner.

      This is so, whether the guy is competent, or a fool and a sneak like most of them. Surround him with strong sub-Cabinet officials, and then if he doesn't act right, fire his ass -- but after he's in the Cabinet and out of the Senate.

      I said it was a Roveian notion. I didn't mean it was honorable. I meant it put political considerations, that is, WINNING, above all else

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