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View Diary: UPDATED: IF this is true, we can safely write off Edwards (252 comments)

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  •  Your comment would have resonated with me... (0+ / 0-)

    ...about ten years ago.

    Today we have most Republicans either infected by neoconcervatives or actively supporting them -- which means: creating or actively supporting all the death and destruction and loss of rights they caused/are causing.

    THAT kind of "diversity" I want nothing to do with.  The mixing-your-milk-with-poison type of diversity.  We the people deserve better than that.

    •  there is a tremendous amount of healing work to (0+ / 0-)

      be done to repair the damage inflicted by this administration and i believe one of the most efficaceous ways to do that would be  to include several republicans in the next administration.  I am absolutely certain that John Edwards, if elected President is not thinking of putting Tom Tancredo in charge of the Immigration and Naturalization Service!. More like Bill Clinton's appointment of William Cohen as Sec of Defense.

      I agree that the level of vicious xenophobia, homophobia and other racial intolerane appears to have risen during the Bush regime, but not every republican is as evil as you are making them out to be, and many have already made their own statements by either switching parties or registering independent. I don't think it helps at all to express your own views that appear to be requally intolerant and rejectionist. I would call them regressive not progressive. Hope you can find your way to temper uour feelings somewhat.That is entirely up to you, you have as much right to express how you feel as i do to express my rejection of your point of view..

      I am still uncommitted however above all i want an inclusive leader not an intolerant divider.  Again, I applaud Edwards  courage in taking this stand, if in fact he did, yours is the first time I have read it. i believe in fact it is a question that should be asked of all the candidates.

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