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View Diary: Time protected Joe Klein from Democratic pushback (196 comments)

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  •  My letter to Priscilla (0+ / 0-)

    My letter to Priscilla that I mailed to her home address today:

    Priscilla Painton (Time Magazine Editor),

    You have decided to lie to the American people without shame or regret and there is no longer any disputing that. The facts are not in dispute as you would claim and you have become an official propagandist for the Right Wing Noise machine. I expect nothing less from someone who put "Hatemongering Harpie" Ann Coulter in TIME’s Influential 100, when that pick shocked even right wing serial propagandist Bill O’Reilly. It shocked Bill Orally!!!!

    We have also determined that you lie without shame because the people who uncover your lies are not people whose opinion you value. You are such a right wing propagandist we realized you would only be shamed if your lies were uncovered within the community whose opinion you do care about. You know, the people that actually physically live in your community and would be considered your neighbors. It would be a pity for them to realize they live with a neighbor who was willing to lie to 20 million readers even after the lie was documented by the Chicago Tribune? Seems kind of Fascist and Naziesque don’t you think?

    Therefore, we determined the best course of action was to start a direct mail advertising campaign targeting a radius around your home address. We are soliciting online donations beginning 12/15 and ending 12/31. The amount of money we receive will determine the radius the direct mail campaign will reach. And considering how cheap direct bulk mailing is, I bet we cover a rather large area. Maybe throw in where you grew up as an added bonus? The flyer will excerpt the piece Klein wrote, Greenwalds subsequent annihilations, Ryan Singel’s blistering attacks in Wired, the Chicago Tribune’s retraction, your supposed "corrections", and Glenn’s final blistering rebuttals for absolute proof of your lies.

    We really don’t want to solicit the hard earned funds of our readers unless it is absolutely necessary. If you run the appropriate correction and publish the letters from Feingold, Holt, and the Judiciary Committee in Swampland where it costs you nothing, we will not feel the need to advance this campaign. However, if you allow the errors to stand uncorrected and the letters unpublished, then we will use our 1st amendment rights to set the record straight.

    Finally, rest assured we advocate nonviolence and will not publish your home address online as part of the campaign. We actually respect a person’s right to privacy, unlike Time. We don’t feel requiring warrants before you listen in on American calls, is granting any new terrorist protections. It simply enforces the Constitutional protections granted all Americans. You should be ashamed about calling yourself anything other than propagandist/hack. You are certainly as un-American as they come. How do you look at yourself in the mirror after lying to 20 million?

    Americans For Open and Honest Debate

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