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  •  Paris is my 2nd favorite place for food (none)
    People talk about how expensive Paris is but I find their food is very affordable and so fresh. What I don't understand is how, with Europe being so crowded, they can afford to have so much cheap, fresh produce. Of course, I hated when this one sales lady forced me to ask for what I wanted in French. Despite six years of French in high school and college, I suck. It is true that the French are arrogant. But you know what? I'm a loser for not having mastered a language outside of English. The whole world has practically mastered English. Why can't we each learn at least one other language?

    BTW, loved Spain -- beautiful men, clean cities, everyone's very well dressed, women had the best dye jobs -- but I'm not a big fan of Spanish cuisine. There's only so much blood sausage I can stomach.

    Oh, yeah, and Spain's leather bars rock. Since this is a family site, I won't give details about what went on when the bar closed and some of us were invited to stick around.

    "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values" ~ The Big Dawg

    by John Campanelli on Tue Aug 03, 2004 at 01:04:43 AM PDT

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    •  I have to disagree (none)
      Granted, I only got to spend a day in Paris, but I found the natives unfailingly polite and friendly. Given that the day I spent there was in July 1998 when the World Cup was in town, I'd say I've got good reason for thinking it was the rule and not the exception--they had all the reasons for being snotty they needed or wanted.

      Admittedly, French is the language I'm best at after English, and I was fortunate enough to have several native speakers (and one American who studied at the Sorbonne) for teachers. I suspect that if I hadn't known how to be polite by their rules of politesse, I might have gotten a less sunny reception. But I'm looking forward to going back--maybe next spring, when I'm in Europe doing research.

      (That's the great thing about being a modern Europeanist: I can legitimately say that I have to go to Europe to work :-9)

      •  Funny Paris story (none)
        I arrived in Paris and went to this gay bar. The bartender and I struck up a conversation and by the end of the night he gave me his number and we planned to get together the following evening.

        The next day I walk all around Paris and I pass by a men's clothing store on a rather high end street. I notice a very hot saleman working inside. I'm dressed in my usual comfortable American clothing and did not feel comfortable walking into such a expensive shop the way I was dressed. I linger at the window but continue to walk on. I keep looking back and finally the salesman comes outside and cruises me. I walk back, we chat, he gives me his number and invites me to workout with him at his gym later in the day.

        Now I have been in the city for less than 24 hours. I have only chatted with two people. When I get to the gym, the salesman asks if I minded if his best friend joined us. Of course not, I said. And of course his best friend was the bartender. Of course they thought I was just a common American whore. Very perceptive those Parisians.

        "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values" ~ The Big Dawg

        by John Campanelli on Wed Aug 04, 2004 at 01:06:11 AM PDT

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