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View Diary: OH-05: The (R) campaign: hate on brown people (258 comments)

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    ... first, that quote says "immigrants," not whether they are citizens or undocumented.

    But even so:

    Collectively, documented and undocumented immigrants earn $240 billion a year, pay $90 billion a year in taxes, and receive $5 billion in welfare. Most foreign born in this country have never used public benefits, and overall, immigrants generally use public benefits at less than half the rate of the native born. Undocumented immigrants use public benefits even less, because of fear of deportation.  Most commonly, undocumented workers use Medicaid and the US public school system, but not for themselves. These are used to benefit their children who are US citizens. (from American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Urban Institute).

    The Tancredo types like to make us think that undocumented workers are overtaxing our infrastructure.  Although in certain cities this may indeed be a problem, overall it is not.

    Fixing our policies would solve even those problems that do exist.

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