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View Diary: OH-05: The (R) campaign: hate on brown people (258 comments)

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  •  Oh please. (2+ / 0-)
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    hhex65, Dianna

    There have been all too many racist comments on this issue.  But regardless of the issue, are you claiming that there is no racism here at Daily Kos?  Are you claiming that if racism appears we should ignore it?

    And what exactly are your excellent credentials on race and what racism is?  Have you studied it?  Do you know what institutionalized racism is?  Do you believe it doesn't exist?

    Again, I'm not just speaking of immigration here.

    And finally, do you think kos is a race-baiter because he put up this video and spoke of "brown people?"  I've asked you this before and gotten no response.


    You have put forth no sensible Democratic plan for immigration.

    All you've done is slam people.

    Good luck with that.

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