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View Diary: OH-05: The (R) campaign: hate on brown people (258 comments)

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  •  Yo Capt. Obvios... almost all of us come from (0+ / 0-)


    And I AM poor, less then $800 a month income baby!  

    As to HOW you are turning your back on the poor in America?

    There are 40 million poverty stricken Americans who work at the low end of the wage scale and you want to import more poverty stricken people from whereever to compete with them for jobs....

    Thats how.  Supply and demand... ever hear of it?  

    Now NPK and Duke can post a study or two showing that this is actually good for the economy, and it is a net good; but not to those at the low end of the wage scale.

    You see, according to the WSJ the majority opinion of the economists polled said that the greatest impact would be on the low wage worker.  So who is benefitting from this practice?

    That would be the upper class mostly, and the middle class to a point; but the guys taking it up the ass for the team are the poor, just like always.

    Now the funny thing about those studies being bandied about is that the conclusions are DEEPLY in doubt since you have no accurate figures for the numbers of illegal/undocumented immigrants from which to extrapolate an impact or benefit.  So it is as much faith and guess work as science.

    But the one point that all of them agree on is that the impact would be felt most by the poor already here....

    •  Yeah... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I have a dreadful way of not restricting my desire to see people have quality jobs that provide for their families by accident of their birth, their language, or their color.  

      Combined with my desire that everyone have access to a great education.  

      Sucks to be me.  I hope to be as intolerant as you someday.  I'll work on it!

      •  Those are all noble things to aspire to do (0+ / 0-)

        and they are to be lauded.  Here is the thing though....

        Is the proper way of achieving them the one that is being used when we can't do a decent job of providing that to those born here?

        It has nothing to do with tolerance here, it has to do with the political realities that you and yours are simply not willing to face.  Is it right and proper given that the native poor continually get the shaft by both parties that we leave the border open so that a flow of additional poor can come into the country?

        Now given that the immigration laws set up to slow or stop the immigration of unskilled poor were set up by in all likelihood Democratic congresses mindful of the potential impact upon the existing poor and desirous of improving their economic plight (given the amount of time that the Dems controlled congress in the last 60 years etc), I would say that it was not.

        And given that it has been a near constant struggle to expand the social safety net the last 30-40 years, with much energy being expended in just keeping it around at all, and that no other industrialized nations allow the immigration of unskilled poor (not counting refugees); I think your willingness to expand the number of people being covered by that safety net is a risky one.

        I am glad you have the luxury to want to do it, but as someone that depends upon that safety net for my very survival; your luxury is one I can not afford as it is likely to purchased on my back and not yours.

        •  So you rely on the safety net (0+ / 0-)

          from my tax dollars, and you think it is fair to demand it only for yourself and those approved by you?

          That's very self-centered of you.  But I can't say that surprises me.

          I have a lot of friends who weren't born here.  They pay taxes and contribute to this country every day in many ways.  Your intolerant rhetoric is hurtful to them, and causing people who used to be our friends to dislike us.  I hope that flag you wrap around yourself will keep you warm when the rest of the world turns away.

          And who has been destroying the social safety net over these years?  Your Republican allies.  Way to pick your friends.

          •  You just keep digging yourself in deeper (0+ / 0-)

            The social safety net was set up by the government of the American people to serve them.  Yet you want it to cover the world and don't see how that could possibly give ammunition to the GOP for dismantling it...


            And it ain't just your tax dollars buddy.. I paid a fuck load of them before I got sick!  Hell the last year I worked I PAID more in taxes then I GROSSED in my first adult professional REAL job.  So I have a stake here in how that safety net money is being spent, since I contributed to funding it to save MY ass in case of the shit hitting the fan.

            I would love to see you sell your position to the electorate!  How about you try selling to the other nations with a social welfare system?  I am sure that Canada would endorse it.. no they bar immigration of families with a disabled family member so I don't think that you could get that to fly.  

            •  I'm not digging, honey. (0+ / 0-)

              Kindness and generosity will always come out on top.

              You can put down the shovel, though.

              •  No you are digging (0+ / 0-)


                What you are proposing is not generosity, nor is it kindness after a certain point.  

                It is kind a generous to stretch supplies for four to include five or six but it becomes neither to stretch those supplies for 12.  And that is more in the vein of what you are talking about.

                Want to include more people?  Increase the budget or you are going to have to cut the amount per person that each gets, that is rather simple and brutal math.

                And if you think that you could convince the electorate to pay additional taxes to support other then their fellow countrymen in the social welfare system you are sadly irrelevant.

      •  PS and some around here wonder why the poor (0+ / 0-)

        vote for the other guys and against their economic interests:  They need look no further then you.

        •  people vote against their economic interests (0+ / 0-)

          because they are afraid and have been duped, we know that.  The right has created the immigrant-boogey-men, combined it with fear of brown people in general, and created a scapegoat that people who are fearful can hang on to.

          I'm sorry you are so fearful. I'm sorry that you struggle.  I'm sorry that you are susceptible to the lies.  But I can understand their power, so I don't blame you.  

          •  dude you have no idea what I have been doing here (0+ / 0-)

            with you for the last few posts.

            You started off with an overly smug post of mostly spin and twaddle and I have been busting your damn chops for it.

            Yes I do rely upon the safety net for my life,  and your falling into the trap of appearing to sanction expanding the limited pool of funds in that net to cover other then those it was intended to is one that if you were wise you would not repeat.

            And your continued usage of the "fear of brown people" twaddle that Kos and others use ignores the fact that many of those opposed to illegal immigration are just that:  Brown people!  So unless you are wanting to say that other Latinos, Chicanos, Tejanos are racist against brown people... But it sure is a good solid truncheon to beat people over the head with, who cares if it is a lie in a vast majority of the cases.

            So yeah I have been busting your balls on being a smug little ponce using a crap frame that does not a fucking thing but piss people off and close their ears and that serves no one and nothing but ideologues and their acquisition of power and influence.

            •  Oh? Was I busted? (0+ / 0-)

              Huh.  Takes a bigger brain than yours, baby.

              Maybe if I had any balls they would be busted.  But since that's not the case, I will just continue to pity you and your brain all bathed in that fear juice.

              Fear juice and the anger juice.  A fairly toxic combination.  Good luck with that.  It will distract you from the illness, I imagine. So maybe that works for you.

              If you have that data on

              many of those opposed to illegal immigration are just that:  Brown people!

              you can feel free to provide it.  That's not what I'm seeing.  All those guys on the stage the other night at the debate: not brown.

              •  you are basing this on the debates? (0+ / 0-)

                you really are a moron.

                The only people to be angry or afraid of in this whole debate are idiots such as yourself, it is not the immigrant.

                •  How come you are YELLING then? (0+ / 0-)

                  You look a little unhinged, dearie.  I hope you can get some help with that the next time you talk to your doctor.  Tell 'em about that little anger and fear thing you have going on.  I'm sure there's help for you.

                  •  ? (0+ / 0-)

                    If you think I am yelling at you, then you have had far to sheltered a life.

                    I stick by the assessment that with people such as you out walking about, the immigration issue is going to go the way the GOP wants.

                    Because considering the level of charm you have shown you couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of 100's when it comes to winning people to your cause.

                    It actually makes me laugh to think if this had been a live conversation with witnesses the amount of damage that you would have done to your own side just by your tone... you see I am disabled.

                    So I want you to replay this entire exchange in your mind as if it occurred live in front of people who were on the bubble on this issue.  Think you convinced them that your side gives a hoot about the poor and at risk in this country?

                    Because I am pretty sure how it would play out and you lost babe.

                    •  This is a quote of your (0+ / 0-)

                      And it ain't just your tax dollars buddy.. I paid a fuck load of them before I got sick!  Hell the last year I worked I PAID more in taxes then I GROSSED in my first adult professional REAL job.  So I have a stake here in how that safety net money is being spent, since I contributed to funding it to save MY ass in case of the shit hitting the fan.

                      Try to get out of your own way and read it again. I'll help you:  on the internets, CAPS are YELLING.  

                      You have a whole boxful of cutesy phrases that you think are effective.  But they just reek of Republican dissimilation and distraction, as the whole issue does.

                      I can tell you are disabled.  Really.  And that's why I pity you and feel bad for you.  I'm sure you are fearful, and I said I understand why.  You are being played by the thugs on your weaknesses.  And I said I was sorry for that.  I really am.  It is sad.

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