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View Diary: OH-05: The (R) campaign: hate on brown people (258 comments)

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    Who among the "immigrant advocates" is suggesting we allow this to continue?

    'Cause I haven't seen any of that.  None.

    And what exactly are you suggesting?  That we deport 12 million undocumented workers?  Yeah, that won't cost a thing, will it?  It'll be easy as pie and then just by magic we'll get good jobs again and those companies and "forces" you refer to will be forced to raise wages (which they will do with no oversight whatsoever, market forces and all).


    What you so blithely dismiss as pro-migrant advocates have never said the bullshit you are ascribing to them.

    Real workplace enforcement does not mean ICE agents busting in and arresting 20 or 30 undocumented workrs, shipping them to Halliburton built detention centeres and then deporting them.

    Real workplace enforcement means ... well I'll quote Duke1676 because he says it better than I could:

    Instead of swat teams of ICE agents storming factories and meatpacking plants looking for undocumented immigrants, we need armies of inspectors from the Department of Labor, OSHA, and other agencies, looking for labor violations and evidence unfair labor practices. This is how you raise the standards for all US workers.

    Frankly, I don't know what you are suggesting here, your comment is incoherent when it comes to pinpointing the real problems going on in labor in America, regardless of immigrants coming or going.

    We saw how before unions and labor laws came to pass, that in bad economic times companies can get pretty much anyone to work for any wages.  If we don't keep our labor laws and unions strong, it doesn't matter if there are NO undocumented workers, the slide into, as you call it, "Bangladesh" is inevitable.

    You speak of "opting out" of this race.  What's your big plan?

    And no, I saw nowhere in Mariachi Mama's comment that she wanted to "stay in."  That's just your poor reading of what she said while you were busy building up your straw man.

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