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  •  three things (none)
    For those who might be wondering, here's a list of simple and significant things you can point out that John Kerry has done in the Senate.

    • Iran-Contra. Pushed the investigation through when the Reagan Republicans wanted to cover it up, by getting Jesse Helms to go after the drug angle. His people did the hard investigating, although when the scandal finally broke he was not named to the Iran-contra committee for political reasons.

    • Reconciliation with Vietnam. Kerry showed that there were no remaining POWs and restored normal relations.

    • BCCI. Kerry investigated and exposed the terrorist money laundering and other skanky actions of the BCCI back in 1992. (Credit to lapin)

    And I can't seem to find a link to back this up, but I'm pretty sure it was in A Call to Service:
    • Reciprocation for handicap tags. We take it for granted that the disabled can use handicap parking spaces everywhere in the country, not just their home state (gee, it only makes sense), but it wasn't always that way. Not until Kerry listened to the disabled veterans who were traveling and getting tickets for using a handicap space with out-of-state tags.

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