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View Diary: Cuyahoga Commissioners Ask Ohio SOS for $20M to Replace Flawed Vote Machines (9 comments)

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  •  yes and no (2+ / 0-)

    Gary the trouble in Ohio is that election materials are very often driven to the BOE drop-off centers by one poll worker, alone.  I guess the concept is that this is ok because who could change a memory card... But it really wouldn't take much to replace a paper tape and memory card with pre-printed ones.

    I don't think I'd trust a single poll worker with a sealed box of paper ballots.

    It's like in Lucas county where they have "rovers" that go by themselves and pick up memory cards (and then leave them unattended in hallways).

    In Franklin county the memory cards, poll signature books, etc. are driven by a single poll worker to drop-off locations where they are handled by high school athletic teams, boyscouts, and church groups.

    For 2008 they need a Directive that says all ballots are to be escorted by Sheriffs and State Troopers (again, alone?  Or with a poll worker?)

    •  also (0+ / 0-)

      Technically in Ohio the poll workers are "supposed" to post the precinct summary on the door of the polling location.  This is one of the downsides of a single central tabulator.  Of course some counties do this, but precinct summary printouts from the opscan tabulators is a much better solution.

      (Why can't they just count the opscan ballots by hand and we can call it a day?  It really only takes an hour or so at each precinct)

    •  When a state employee on a security detail... (1+ / 0-)
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      works alone, as we saw earlier this year when a technology intern left a tape with the names of millions of taxpayers and others on it in his car trunk and it was stolen, there's no telling what can happen.

      I don't understand why state or local election officials think working alone, especially with election data, is smart or safe? The Brinks people, whose job it is to deliver and pick up money, know what to do. Our election officials must think votes aren't as valuable as cash, otherwise they'd be following the Brink method of security. It only makes sense to have buddy system, like when climbing a mountain, hiking, deep-sea diving or transporting cash, for Election Day. Planning and foresight are keys to avoiding the avoidable. Why is this so hard to fathom?

    •  Yes, except I was not referring to (0+ / 0-)

      tapes, but the ballots themselves. Optical scan ballots are big cards. They can be sealed in large locked and sealed boxes. Now if the Ag doesn't want to do that I would be concerned. But I was only addressing the cost question. Those costs can be minimized without compromising security.

      •  yes lockboxes (0+ / 0-)

        ok, so lockboxes, and padlocks and stickers.  But that will slow me down what, 5 minutes?  And an insider even less than that.

        The problem is in Ohio it is the norm for a single BOE employee, "rover" volunteer, or poll worker to transport the election materials by themselves.

        In fact, in 2004 (and probably every year) some poll workers have stopped at home first, and the sheriff has to visit them at 3am to collect the materials (one even had to visit a bar).  This is not uncommon.

        What if someone got in a car wreck?  That is why at least one count at the precincts is a good idea.

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