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  •  We can reduce carbon emissions easily (4+ / 0-)
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    There is no technology that needs to be developed.  There is no law that needs to be passed.  Instead, all we have to do is be willing to pay more for energy ..... in the short term.  

    I was watching one of those specials talking about promising alternative energies not too long ago.  They were showing a development in Australia generating electricity based on the concept - get this - that warm air rises.  A huge tent in the desert sucks up air and drives a generator.

    The cost - $750,000,000.  And it would power the homes of 500,000 or so Australians.  Australians are not exactly low on the energy consumption ladder, either.

    As a throwaway going to the commercial, the show stated that 650 of these projects - they take up 10 acres or so - would power the United States.

    Quick math - 650 x 750 million equals about $400 billion...the cost of one year's Pentagon expenditures.  Not even half the cost of the Iraq war.  Clearly affordable.  Cheap even, especially in terms of lives and treasure.  

    Mind you, if you set out to build 650 of these in the desert southwest, I'm guessing that units 100-200 are cheaper than units 1-50, and that units 400-650 are cheaper still.

    All we need is the political will and the desire to pay a little more in electricity...for a bit, until the marketplace solves the problem of making those renewable sources cheaper.

    There is more renewable energy out there than the world will EVER need to use, and we know how to use it.  You just need to be willing to have a big fat windmill off the shore of your place in Nantucket, or to tolerate some darker and shinier shingles on your roof.

    It can be done.  It probably can be done in a President's term.  We just need the political leadership to do it.  And if the next President is a Democrat, and the next Congress is run by Democrats, and they have to raise taxes to do it, and have to be voted out of office for a generation, so be it.  

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