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    In a factual declaration to the courts admitting to the existence of the tapes the DOJ says they first learned of and viewed the tapes in September and October of 2007. Tapes destroyed in 2005 are hard to watch in 2007.


    Last week the New York Times web page carried the story C.I.A. Destroyed 2 Tapes Showing Interrogations By MARK MAZZETTI - and beneath the story, a link to the letter from US Attorney, Chuck Rosenberg to Chief Judge Williams and Judge Brinkema explaining the tapes existence.

    On page 2 of the PDF, paragraphs two and three, the solicitor clearly says "On September 13, 2007, an attorney for the CIA notified us of a discovery of a video tape of the interrogation of [redacted]. On September 19, 2007, we viewed that video tape and a transcript [redacted] of the interview."

    The next paragraph starts "After learning of the existence of the first video tape, we requested the CIA to perform an exhaustive review to determine whether it was in possession of any other such recording for any of the enemy combatant witnesses at issue in this case. CIA's review, which now appears to be complete, uncovered the existence of a second video tape, as well as a short audio tape, both of which pertain to interrogations [redacted]. On October 18, we viewed the second video tape and listened to the audio tape, while reviewing transcripts."

    It appears to me the US Attorney has told the Judges he watched the video tapes in September and October of 2007, that Michael Hayden says were destroyed ("all copies") in 2005.

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      Why isn't anyone else reporting this?  Has this been verified in any way?

      I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

      by beemerr90s on Mon Dec 10, 2007 at 04:03:16 PM PST

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        wonmug, beemerr90s, bonesy, Helpless, kurt

        I have made this my cause for the past few days because the contradiction is glaring. Some have suggested they are not the same tapes.

        I don't know how you would tell, from Hayden's comments and the redacted portions of the DOJ letter. There are generalities and few specifics. But any and all tapes have been sought by congress, various courts hearing cases, and the 9/11 commission. None has been produced.

        Hayden says we used to tape but stopped and tapes were destroyed. The DOJ says they watched interrogation tapes in 2007. Both statements cannot be true.

        Only an investigation will come to an answer. But the questions are huge, and still unanswered. I just want to hear the questions asked.

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      It's in the last line.

      They destroyed 'all copies'.  Kept the originals, but destroyed the copies.  Of course, after destroying the other copies, they were always free to make more copies from the originals again.

      Got a problem with my posts? Email me, and let's resolve it.

      by drbloodaxe on Tue Dec 11, 2007 at 08:21:00 AM PST

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