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  •  Increasingly angered by broadcast news (4.00)
    I find myself more and more annoyed by the next-to-open support given by the SCLM to the Bush presidency.  Last time it was Andrea Mitchell, during a brief discussion on Hardball of the "middle class squeeze" (this is a rich mine for Kerry) where it was slighly mentioned as a problem for Bush because of his proclamations that the corner was turned, in defiance of most people's experiences.  You could see her visibly attempting to come up with a counter, and she finally said that she thought Bush had "finessed" the issue.

    I always thought I could at least listen to opposing viewpoints.  I never wanted to get my news from sources that only reinforced what I felt.  But I'm getting to that point.  The 80% of "issue time" that is actually spent on the "horse race' angers me.  The lack of independent reporting angers me.  And most of all, the parroting of Republican talkig points angers me.

    I only turned into television for the convention coverage.  I had already gone to mostly newspapers and radio, but NPR seems to be drifting rightward.  I find myself listening more and more to Air America, which does not exactly challenge my opinions.

    I agree with those of you who say that it is a waste of our allotted time on this earth to listen (or view) these programs, but where then do you go to figure out what the Republicans (or maybe conservatism more generally) is saying, what the rest of the country is hearing?

    BTW, I don't think "true conservatism" if such a thing still exists, is well served by this trend either.  Conservatism, so far as one could tell from the media, is, as some of you have put it, God, Guns, Gays and of course, the needs of the Rich.  Is there anything left of conservatism with which to have a dialogue?

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