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View Diary: Shia Government Orders Iraqi Policewomen to Turn in Guns (101 comments)

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    Seriously - this has been one of the things that has made me scream throughout this war. The meme that we, the civilized, cosmopolitan West, are going to set the poor oppressed Iraqi women free from their burquas. The fact that Iraqi women were among the least restricted in the Middle East, that they could pursue professions just like Western women, and that they didn't freaking wear burquas just can't seem to pierce anyone's consciousness. We have made things for Iraqi women so much worse, it just makes me sick. Here's an item from Salon that'll just make your day - I know it did mine:

    Makeup, un-Islamic dress bring death
    There came a bleak announcement Sunday from Basra's police chief: At least 40 women have been killed in Iraq's second-largest city this year for "violating Islamic teachings." Sectarian gangs reportedly comb the streets, looking for women wearing nontraditional dress, and scrawl red graffiti warnings reading: "Your makeup and your decision to forgo the headscarf will bring you death." Maj. Gen. Jalil Khalaf summarized the issue succinctly: "The women of Basra are being horrifically murdered and then dumped in the garbage with notes saying they were killed for un-Islamic behavior." Families often fear retribution for reporting such deaths, so the body count it likely much higher, he added.

    Keep in mind, as the Associated Press aptly notes, that before the U.S. invasion Basra was "known for its mixed population and night life."

    -- Tracy Clark-Flory

    We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty - Firefly

    by anotherdemocrat on Wed Dec 12, 2007 at 05:47:22 AM PST

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