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    We have always been engaged in a philosophical war in this country.  The people who founded the nation were acutely aware of the conflict between "natural rights" and the concept of "created equal".  And this country was the last hope for a balance between these two poles.  In the last 30 years the "natural rights" crowd has been defeating the "created equal" people through the use of contorted and false economic arguments, jingoism, and a lot of fear and nationalism.  If these maggots are allowed to convert the economy of the United States to something similar to that of Mexico then they will have put the "created equal" people everywhere on this earth into a very deep hole from which escape will indeed be very difficult. I am sorry to say that they have been winning a latter day psychological war wherein the Republican version of Nirvana is the "lord" in his castle observing the starving masses at the gates willing to clean the bathroom for a crust of bread.  The Royal Libertarian version manifests as the competition between the lords that encourages them to get it done for half a crust; the "competitive in the world market" and "labor shortage" gambits.

    does anyone see the irony that NAFTA requires free movement of goods, but does not allow free movement of labor.

    Well apparently one person sees "irony".  Most of us were just naive enough to think that the free flow of goods was what NAFTA was about.  And some, who seem to be suffering from moonbat sendrome still don't "get it".  NAFTA was a ruse that allowed the wealthy and powerful United States financial leaches to consolidate various Mexican "means of production" profiting from the cost reductions (i.e. the disenfranchisment of labor). This, as one might expect, caused a lot of unemployment.  The profit goes to a few plutocrats in Mexico and to the financial leaches here in the USA.  If it had been a straight removal of tariffs (your "free flow of goods"), the Mexican people would have benefited and the northern migration would have moderated due to more opportunities being available in Mexico.  Most people don't really want to be migrant workers.

    Lets look at a current example, Europe has free movement of labor.  If I am  a German I can move to France and get any job I qualify for.

    How nice for Europe, where there is a Euro and countries are  about 6 feet on a side and where resides a well educated more culturally cosmopolitan populous.  Where all the countries have comprehensive medical care and various interlocking agreements covering retirement and taxation. Can anybody say "bullshit analogy".  The educational level of all of the partcipating members of the European Union are also very much equivalent. Please be certain to understand that the color of skin and national religions do not enter into any of the arguments here or in Europe.  But I'm quite certian that this will not stop you from playing the race card.

    We could be following their footsteps but have not because of a lot of reasons, 9-11 being one of them.  There is little difference between US border wages and Mexico border wages.  We could open the border in stages and there would be little issue.  Eventually anyone qualified to take a job could move from Canada to mexico and back without having to get any type of work visa.

    Why do you and others believe that the majority of Americans would want to follow in anyone's footsteps or that the actions of Europe are a model for the planet?  And for a great many of us the phrase "post 9/11 world" is insulting.  A small band of assholes with box-cutters isn't going to change my conception of my country or my world no matter how many times the Republican lying filth try to abuse the event.

    And I have no desire to set wages in this country by what is paid on the southern border nor to "open" the borders to a flood of people from ANYWHERE.  Whether they are brown, black, green, or purple is of no consequence.  Whether they speak Spanish or Russian is irrelevant.  I could care if they are people who idolize the pope or worship a cactus.  Malthus was inevitably correct in his basic observations.

    I can and will work with the rest of the American community tolerating the reasonable increase in population while we work to alleviate the adverse effects of same through education and political/economic awareness. But I will not willingly sanction an invasion of migrant locusts depressing wages in this country, converting it to a land of lords and serfs as is Mexico.  And most certainly I will not do it just to salve the sensibilities of the economically illiterate estrogen crowd.

    "I know no safe depository for the ultimate power of society but the people themselves" -- Jefferson

    by TheTrucker on Tue Dec 18, 2007 at 04:57:54 PM PST

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