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  •  NO! THE MEME IS NOT DEAD!! (4.00)
    It will persist until several different Democrats go on several channels and shows and repeat the same thing, at least twice per, and get it printed in newpaper columns. The Republicans are not going to let one slap down keep them from repeating this.

    One of the main problems with this party is that most of the "experts" therein don't understand the marketing term "exposure."

    It's amazing what happens when you listen to the other person's opinion --- GWB, 12/18/00

    by Doug in SF on Wed Aug 04, 2004 at 06:56:49 PM PDT

    •  Exactly (4.00)
      This is precisely right -- we need to have a well-coordinated, counterattack machine that repeats this line over and over until it seeps into the collective consciousness of the media and the American public.  And, incidentally, this strategy should not be used only for defense, but for a take-no-prisoners offense as well.
      •  Unfortunately (none)
        It won't die. It will be sustained, like the bogus charges against Kerry's performance in Vietnam and the claim that he voted against every major weapons system, by right-wing radio. It will then "crop up" in CW-type contexts on Fox, which will cause CNN and MSNBC and everyone else to cover it in order to boost their ratings and look non-partisan.... At the very least, it will rally the Repubs.

        I agree with the posts above. Holy Sh*t. When the h*ll are the Dems and Kerry gonna slap around the "he-voted-against-funding-for-the-troops." I've seen at least three shows where the Dem spinner just ignored the allegation. And I think it is clear that this is hurting them BAD.

        •  also (none)
          they don't need to have it be true, or even interesting. all it needs to be is negative, and repeated. it's called mind-share, another marketing concept.
          just like the "good season for a new product rollout" flap we heard a tiny, tiny bit about in the bought-and-paid-for press.
          •  Maybe they do need it to be true? (none)
            "they don't need to have it be true, or even interesting. all it needs to be is negative, and repeated."
            by garth on Wed Aug 4th, 2004 at 15:20:40 PDT

            Conceding that that's how it works, what I'm thinking is that the key for us is the "repeated" part.

            If our side is fact-checking off camera and responding strongly in media appearances, we'll cut much of the resonance of the media echo chamber.

            We can't stop them from repeating talking points, and we can't influence the dedicated propaganda organs, but we may be able to make a big dent in general media repetition. In turn that could gradually reign in the extreme limits of passable talking points.

            Keeping fingers crossed.

            •  they'll just twist it a little (none)
              After Jon Stewart's smackdown the other night concerning the "first and fourth most liberal senators", they just twisted the talking point a little. I caught a moment of CNN yesterday with a "journalist" talking to a Republican congressman and a Democratic congressman. The Repub said, "According to the unbiased National Journal, John Kerry is the most liberal senator..." blah blah blah. So apparently someone watches the Daily Show, and they updated their talking point accordingly. It's still a twist of the truth, but they'll still repeat it. I'm sure they'll find a way to twist the unaccomplished meme as well. Maybe they'll say there are more people in the House than in the Senate, so the statistical odds of sponsoring a bill in the House are less than doing so in the Senate. Then again, that may be too complicated for the they'll probably just go on saying what they want to say, and they'll get away with it.
              •  grr... (none)
                They still should be differentiating between 2003, as a campaign year, vs. previous years. So ridiculous...
              •  Counterattacks and Attacks (none)
                Here's a question - did the Democratic Congressman on the CNN show you were watching immediately jump all over the Republican's statement, pointing out the truth as Stewart did on the Daily Show the other night?  If so, great, but it's my view that the Democrats who are out there in such forums all too often do not respond forcefully enough, do not have the actual facts at their disposal, and are prone to deny such accusations in nothing but generalities (e.g., "that's just not true").  We need every Democratic surrogate out there to be armed with the facts, to have our talking points memorized, and to be ready to counterattack and to counterattack hard.

                Also, we should not be using this strategy only in response to memes started by the wingnuts. We should be starting our own memes about the incompetence, inexperience, and corruptness of all of the key players in the current Administration.  We certainly have enough materials to work with.

                •  fighting back (none)
                  I agree with what you're saying. It's long past time that the liberals jump in and correct misleading statements and outright lies. I can only assume that liberals don't start their own memes because they're mostly dumbfounded that people actually don't understand how hypocritical, destructive, backwards, and hateful the fascist right wing is. Of course it helps that the right wing has the media in its pocket. I think we need more than Air America radio to balance it. You can forget about an objective media at this point. To me, CNN is pretty much like Real Time with Bill Maher, only slanted the opposite way. That poor Republican sap Maher had on his panel last week was getting his ass handed to him over and over again. On CNN it's the liberals that get ganged up on.

                  I assume your question was rhetorical, but I'll answer it anyway. The transcript for the show I caught is here, you'll need to scroll down to the end for the segment I'm talking about. The Republican was Rep. J.D. Hayworth of Arizona, the Democrat was Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia. Warner did not respond to the "most liberal senator" remark, but that's probably because Hayworth threw in several memes, rapid-fire, a la Hannity. The very next sentence after the "most liberal senator" comment was a remark about Kerry's stance on gay marriages, which Warner did respond to. I guess that's another one of their tricks. Pile on the bullshit, faster than you can shovel yourself out of it.

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