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  •  Projecting your flaws on your opponents (none)
    Is a very sucessful fascist tool.

    It was used by Goering and perfected in Rwanda, to get masses of people to murder their own neighbors.

    Read the link above about the Rwanda spin-meisters ant tell me it doesn't remind you of Rush, Pat and Ann Coulter...

    •  Shaking Hands With the Devil (none)
      Having gotten to the arrival (late and sad) of the French to Rwanda, I am more than 3/4 through the Romeo Dellaire book about it. It was unimaginable. As a Canadian, I was sorrowfully struck at the General's capacity for blind optimism that the world would simply see and act. They did not. They saw and they ignored and the prevaricated and they stalled. Human lives were lost at an astounding rate (faster than the 3rd Reich ever managed through industrialized genocide) while the worlds powers calculated cost and debated the appearance of impartiality. I would say the loss of innocence and that agony is something Canadians share and experience daily. The parallels between the right wing punditry and the RTLM (Rwandan extremist radio) are profoundly chilling. More so as they spread lies at the behest of their governmental superiors, who maintain safe distance and are never directly implicated, professing no direct control over their vile message. From this point of view, the United States is destined for a dreadful future, and those airwave extremists are complicit in the total destructive transformation of the constitutional nature of the country. The future is always in motion, and the roiling in the clouds forward is full of terrible portents,

      I highly recommend you look at Shake Hands with the Devil ( a brutal thing to get into , but utterly addictive reading after the first 6th, which is biographical set-up) and also for another more general view of the state of things , Samantha Powers > A Problem from Hell :  America in the Age of Genocide

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