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  •  It's going to require a lot of work. (1+ / 0-)
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    For starters, all of us are going to have to fight like hell on multiple levels to stop the people in question.

    Secondly, we MUST--MUST MUST MUST--STOP giving carte blanche to "religious exemptions" to abuse children.  And we HAVE to start providing kids who are walkaways safe places to go and heal--otherwise, I guarantee we are going to end up with a shitload more Matthew Murrays before it's done with.

    We may well need to start treating the more hardline types of dominionism--like neopente dominionists--the same way we treat other forms of hate groups.  (Yes, some of them are going so far as to be considered hate orgs. There is thankfully more awareness of this.)

    With at least some of the groups in question, revocation of tax exempt status and possibly even lawsuits by survivors (in similar methods to how SPLC has successfully shut down Klan and neo-Nazi groups) may be in order.

    One thing that would be useful is requiring minimum standards for all curricula including home education curricula (I've gone into detail in previous posts how this could be done in a legit homeschooling/unschooling friendly manner).  Possibly including "cultproofing" curricula as part of the mandatory curriculum package (mostly in educating people on how abusive groups and relationships work, warning signs, etc.) would help immensely.

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      But I think we're going to need A LOT of Christian support in this task...Those who do not hold with what the Theocrats are doing, who want to take back THEIR faith and THEIR religion MUST, MUST, MUST take an open, public, and LOUD stand against them...

      Anything else will be spun as "another assault on Christianity" as a whole...And even then, the Christians who stand against this must have a VERY thick skin...For the Theocrats will try to make them pay a terrible price.

      •  Oh, agreed, completely. (0+ / 0-)

        I've stated in past, and I'll state now--pretty much one biggie in fighting dominionism will be and must be with mainstream Christianity taking back its faith from the dominionists trying to hijack it.

        Fortunately, there IS a growing awareness by mainstream Christians (and even some non-dominionist evangelicals) that dominionists are trying to steeplejack their faith, and there is the beginnings of organisation against dominionists.

        I do agree we need to see a lot more organised and public stand against dominionism by mainstream Christianity, otherwise...well, let's just say I don't want to think of the consequences otherwise. :(

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