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View Diary: Sen. Reid is Setting Us Up on FISA (264 comments)

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  •  Bashing Reid (3+ / 0-)
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    As I read down the thread, it seems this has become a "Bash Reid" fest.  Not that I don't think he deserves it in this case, because he does.  But bashing Reid is not the point Booman is trying to make in this great Diary.  While it might make us feel better to vent on Reid, it is not a constructive way to pass the "good" bill (Judiciary version) and defeat the "bad" bill (Intellegence version).

    That said I have a couple of constructive questions:

    1. Booman has said the Judiciary bill will come first and that the Repubs. will have to decide whether to vote for cloture which requires 60 votes.  He suggests they may just do that if they believe the bill does not have 51 votes to pass.  So in terms of the final passage vote, what are the chances we have 51 votes for passage?  And if not, who are the Dem. defectors and are there any possible Repubs. who might leave their ranks and vote to pass?  Names Please!
    1. Booman said that if cloture cannot be achieved on the "good" bill, the Senate would move on to other business.  But couldn't Reid in his zest to "pass something", bring up the "bad" bill instead for immediate consideration?
    1. On the other hand, if failure to get cloture on the "good" bill will prevent consideration of the "bad" bill for now, and if the Dems. know or suspect that they do not have 51 votes to pass the "good" bill now, could they not stop the "bad" bill from gettingto the floor by voting against cloture on the "good" bill, as crazy as that may seem?
    1.  As raised up thread, what could happen when the good or bad bills go to conference with the House?

    Answers anyone?  And a call to action!

    •  Agreed... but what lies between (0+ / 0-)

      us and the truth, the right vote, and the nailing of Bush/Cheney for their criminal offenses takes place in the offices, the minds and the hearts of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  

      We understand the point of this diary... but it has to include action.  Without pressure from us, Reid and Pelosi will give Bush what he wants again.  That's why we are there to apply the pressure and create some stress in his life. Do you have any reason whatsoever to think that he will maintain Senator Dodd's hold and do the right thing?  I don't.

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