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  •  Hannity is wrong... (15+ / 0-)

    I'm beginning to think the Dems are doing this on purpose.  They really don't give a fuck about what the American people want.

    "Frankly, you epitomize weak. Your every pore exudes feebleness. You *are* surrender monkeys." - Meteor Blades to Capitulation Dems

    by RichM on Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 07:09:38 AM PST

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    •  Right... they are doing this (24+ / 0-)

      because they made a deal with Bush not to impeach.  Nancy looks like a scared animal when you try to talk to her about impeachment.  Bush has them all tied up in the political game so they can't and won't do what's right.  Read Brent Budowsky, John Dean and Jonathan Turley... or listen to them on the Randi Rhodes show podcasts.  They give good advice, and they are saying that they want to keep out of the way of any criminal findings since they have the "back room deal" on the books.  They don't want the Bush/Cheney crimes to end up in the House Judiciary Committee because they know that they will then have to break their "deal" with Bush and possibly become exposed to illegal actions that they might be responsible for.  Pelosi/Reid think they're going to get away with this, but they will go down in history as the Democrats who allowed Bush to commit further crimes, knowing that they have done what they have done and doing nothing.  Not only they will be known as the weak-minded and do nothing Democratic leadership, they will be remembered for attempting to do it for the sake of politics.  

      And what can we do? We can try to force them to resign, we can encourage the traditional media to go after them (the leadership) and we can fight for what we know is right.  

      •  Or... (6+ / 0-)

        We can talk about exit strategies.  This is no longer a government "of the people by the people for the people."

        "Frankly, you epitomize weak. Your every pore exudes feebleness. You *are* surrender monkeys." - Meteor Blades to Capitulation Dems

        by RichM on Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 07:30:07 AM PST

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        •  .. and that is where my head has been past 4 mos. (4+ / 0-)

          Phase 1: Disinterested in and uninvolved in politics -- the realm of the weak.

          Phase 2: Activated by Howard Dean, someone who acted like a leader, because he achieved results as the "CEO" of his state, and because of a moral conviction. I'm never met smarter people in my life than those who were attracted to Dean, for similar reasons: "At last..." as he said "giving people a reason to vote.

          Phase 3: Disgust after he was taken out by Dem machinery + conglomerate media, exactly because he would shake many things up -- and he'd get them done. Thus, take him out.

          Phase 4:  With other Dean progressives, help convince America to vote AGAINST Bush... I couldn't ever "sell" Kerry, nor could most "Dean progressives". Hold our noses and get the ineffectual Dem elected -- as far better than another reign of terror with BushCo.

          Phase 5: Kerry's loss sent people reeling, some with attitudes of "never ever again vote for lesser of 2 evils; f* em", others got to work on "what was the fundamental problem at work which was derailing the Dem Party? For me it was their being easily a decade behind GOP in their messsaging apparatus -- made exponentially worse by the Dem Leadership's complete ignorance and lack of awareness that such a problem even exists. Clueless. So I took up the "framing" work to help educate that voters didn't make minds up based on logic or facts or policy but on emotional connectivity to a candidate, something the GOP had nailed 2 decades ago. Formed ... My major difference with Lakoff was that he was focusing on educating the progressive base in the mechanics of how all of this works. While mine was on an urgent need to put Dem leaders thru an intense "Executive Training Course" whereby they were taught all of these rules of communication -- AND were subjected to simulated Crossfire TV training where they had to think fast and turn the tables on the lunacy coming from their interrogators.

          Phase 6: Some hopefulness as DailyKos and blogosphere was establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with, and the progressive netroots were stepping up to lead -- pushing out the  archaic centrist voices intent on modulating the left, and following once again their tired formulaic and WRONG prescription for winning: (see Hillary Clinton machine and Pelosi's Anti-Dean apparatus pushing and shoving -- and their advocates and apolgists murking up the waters here at dKos, derailing strong progressive solidarity to CHANGE THE PARTY. Phase 6 ended though with Progressive Success in having turned the 06 elections in favor of Dems -- in some measure  by employing the Dean 50-state strategy of "take the incumbents on everywhere" as well as "seed the farm teams".

          Phase 7: Initial hopefulness that leadership now in hands of Dems would finally bring accountability and reversal to and repair of Bush disasterous assaults on Constitution. The beginning of some New Hope. But odd behaviors from the very start by Pelosi, and her off the table pronouncement, along with a castrated Conyers, then Congressional Testimony after Congressional Testimony and revelation and proof of crimes -- but no actions to punish or hold accountable. Debates arose daily here about whether of not Pelosi and reid were actually quite brillaint and were just setting the table for Bush Republicans, so they could get so arrogant as to overreach to such a degree that then Madame Speaker would turn the tables and initiate impeachment. But in general a wide disparity of beliefs here at dKos as to whether or not Pelosi and Reid were on our side or not.

          Phase 8: The Candidates emerge --- and then promptly disappoint -- with respect to storming the scene with all out atttacks on BushCo for bucking the American people's expressed will tol get out of Iraq and end the "Culture of Corruption" that Dems campaigned on. Timidity. COntradictory Messages. Obama & Clinton categorically against impeachment or accountability... creating a "wtf?" reaction from me and so many here. Setting in an instant dread that this would not be like Dean's Presidential Run. This would all be the back-to-usual calculus as directed by the shitty formulaic DC beltway consultants -- in other words, the Clinton and Centrist Machinery who's laid low for 4 years during the 04 campaign (other than to take out Dean). (Personally it's my belief that the Clintons are so conniving that they pushed for Kerry to engineer a loss... otherwise, if Kerry took office, it would take 8 years for Hill to claim her legacy throne.) A Period of growing disgust. Everything that began the year with progressive energy and optimism about "crashing the gates" and impacting the apparatus of the Dem Party  were dashed the further and further inot the year. Capitulation after capitulation by Reid. Pelosi shooting Bush critics in the face. Dem candidates not grabbing the bull by horns to, beyond talking, SHOW America that the era of BushCO was over, and now we would return to the rule of law. All dashed as Gonzales ran circles around Dems, and initial optimism about Waxman and Leahy's investigations turned into TV charades with no teet, only followups being "strongly worded letters"...

          There was a last hope against hope that Gore would enter, and enter a major course correction, shifting the entire dynamics. That day came and went.

          Phase 9: WHich brings us to now. The active trouncing of the work of progressives, with our own Democratic leaders (Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Hoyer, others) aiding and abetting the Bush agenda, giving him everything he wanted with Iraq War funding, somehow allowing Bush's surge to continue despite America's clear signals that they were opposed, and now not only was Bush at all time low, but Congress and Dems were also now seen negatively -- accomplishing noithing of what they campaigned on. Bush got his nominations approved and confirmed... And now, potentially, this catastrophic injustice of giving AT&T and Verizon backdated immunity for spying on Americans in violation of multiple federal laws, with AT&T going so far as to tap the entire digital trunk line of USA communications of both phone calls and internet usage, sweeping every single piece of data passing thru their extensive network.

          And Reid is playing games? And Feinstein is playing games?

          I reached my limit a month ago when, on the same day, in House, Pelosi humiliated and chastised Pete Stark for his honest and edgy criticism of Bush -- and in the Senate Reid disclosed he was not going to respect Dodd's intent to place a hold on FISA legislation that included telco immunity.

          That was it for me. The total corruption of our system, inside and out, enabled by our own.

          And I moved more and more into Phase 10, where I am today:

          The system of checks and balances in the US Constitution, designed by some very forward thinking leaders during the time of Founding Fathers, to correct for abuses and corruptions in the system, enabling a return to a new equilibrium, restoring a balance of power between 3 co-equal branches of Govt -- that system is broken completely, and it will not be repaired by anyone from those 3 entities. I more and more have reflected on that branch of govt which allegedly retains the greatest bulk of power from the COnstituition, not just a Bill of Rights, but ALL unenumerated  powers not specified as belonging to those 3 branches.

          Rich said:
          Or...we can talk about exit strategies.  This is no longer a government "of the people by the people for the people."

          To those of us focused beyond the 08 elections, this means only one thing. A reformation of our American Government, not sure how. But one thing is clear. It is not coming back. Not even under (D) rule in 09. The whole system is broken. And I only now see citizens as the last bastion of preserving the spirit and intent of that US Constitution that helped us, for some brief period, become the greatest nation in the world.

          We lost that designation quite a number of years ago, waving flags and car decals notwithstanding.

          Kos defines this blog as having two missions: 1: elect Democrats. 2: Reform the Dem party.

          It's looking to me more and more like those are admirable goals, and highly practical and expedient goals, yet perhaps just fingers in the dyke. Indeed, we need a more robust exit strategy.

          -----> My latest vlog entry: on getting a webcam

          by rhfactor on Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 11:15:26 AM PST

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