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View Diary: Sen. Reid is Setting Us Up on FISA (264 comments)

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  •  I just finished making calls & gathering thoughts (0+ / 0-)

    to find out about what, if anything, we can do about Reid and Pelosi.

    I just got off the phone with a bunch of DC people.  

    I called the DNC, based upon the information I got from the Senate Ethics and Rules Committees, which I’m reporting below.  Please call them and see if you can get more helpful information than I got!

    Then do this:

    Call the Democratic National Party

    * Call 202-863-8000, which will be more effective than e-mailing.

    * Ask for Laurie in the Director’s Office.  Talk to her about your anger and your plea to Dr. Dean to do something about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Tell her that you are part of a 50,000 member activist movement that is ready to leave the party or do everything possible to push them out of their leadership positions, including going ballistic and putting the complaint out to the national media.  Let her know that we are desperate and that Dr. Dean is the only place left to go.

    * Give her your name and phone number

    * Ask her to report back after Dr. Dean gets the message.

    * Please don’t let her thank you for calling and hang up.  Ask her to let you know what Dr. Dean’s solution to the problem is.  

    After talking to Laurie, do this please:

    * Call your state Democratic Party and ask them to initiate a call to Laurie in the Director’s Office at the DNC.  Again, her number is 202-863-8000.  Ask them to call her to raise a complaint about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    Further action:

    I was told to call the Select Committee of Ethics for the US Senate at 202-224-2981, which I did of course.  

    I asked about rules pertaining to a citizen's right to call for the resignation of the Senate Majority Leader.  I also asked them if there was a rule or some procedure that allows a sitting senator to initiate action from within the US Senate to replace a sitting leader.  Again, it had to go back to the Ethics Committee, which we don’t have time for.

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