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View Diary: Sen. Reid is Setting Us Up on FISA (264 comments)

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    It's not just that Reid is acknowledging what he can't prevent, he's actively engaging in sliding it under the radar, if you're correct.

    So either Reid has no choice about assisting the pro-FISA side of the caucus, or else you're being too kind, here.

    Doesn't Reid set the agenda?  Isn't he responsible for what goes to the floor?  He doesn't have to vote on this bill until the time is right.  Has he used the media to slap down the adminstration?  I haven't seen any press conferences. Has he spoken out to the people?  I don't think so.

    So every day Too Much Cappuccino Perino is making Bush's points about the Democrats at the briefings, making us look really bad... while Bush is using the press to speak up and say whatever he wants to say.

    Where are the Dems?  They just keep quiet and Nancy comes out periodically to tell the world about children's health.  Did you notice that she shut up about the occupation of Iraq, or the so called war?  Did you notice that the ONLY thing she said about the torture was to protect herself and to try to blame it on Congresswoman Harman? What do you think about that?

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