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  •  I respect that ... (0+ / 0-)

    I just think it dances a little close to the "token" (though I don't ascribe any insincerity to you) "support" for the troops evinced by talking head Republicans.  And what's more, I think it establishes dangerous trends whereby we (as a nation)lend to much fealty to an institution (the military) and a class of people (the soldiers) who by and large do not share our  (Democrats) belief systems, do not vote progressive and  generally don't do too much to make this country a better place ... except "lay" their lives on the line.  

    And while that is no small thing I guess I choose to appreciate the sacrifice of the inner city high school teacher who works for pennies on the dollar in a brutal environment, the lady with the drudgerous task who delivers my mail every day, the garbage man for that matter, the little Thai cook down the street who makes the most amazing Garlic Pepper noodles ... and on and on.  You know, those people who actually make my life better and who contribute in whatever small part they can to the betterment of the entire social fabric.  See, one of the problems I have with idolizing the military is that it is almost entirely comprised of individuals who have chosen to remove themselves from the social fabric, they don't actually contribute anything to the betterment of society, except for of course "safeguarding" it from "eradication".  Now I can recognize the need for that service and I can even respect some of the individuals who make that particular sacrifice but I don't feel that I or any one else need blindly idolize that sacrifice ... and if you listen to our idiot President, it is apparently more dangerous LIVING in Detroit than it is fighting in Iraq ... now living in Detroit is a sacrifice I can respect :)

    Alright, I think we're probably running around in circles now, and my responses are just getting longer so thanks for not being a lunatic shreeking voice like I sometimes encounter here, and by all means go on disrespecting McConnell, I'm sure he deserves it and more ... that certainly ain't my point of contention :)

    •  I'll only reply to say (0+ / 0-)

      that i agree with you about those other folks as well.  I think that the guy who gets rounded up at a protest is making a sacrifice for my freedom.  I think the inner city teacher deserves a great deal of praise, especially if he/she stays in that school after two years or so.

      And concerning the institution of the military, I think you have a draw a dividing line.  I think the military bureaucracy is manipulative, way too powerful, and itching for a fight at any given moment.  They have contributed to the creation of a state at "perpetual war for perpetual peace," and the Congress and the American people have been completely willing to let them roll over everyone to do so.  

      However, just because the way that we USE the military these days doesn't necessarily, in my opinion, do much to protect my freedom, that doesn't mean that the willingness of people, no matter their political affiliation (which I think is irrelevant - this isn't supposed to be a vote-getting opportunity) ,to fight and die is less noteworthy.

      "A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality."

      by flowrider on Sun Dec 16, 2007 at 12:34:56 PM PST

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