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  •  His description of Waterboarding was deceptive (8+ / 0-)

    He explicitly said that cellophane was used to cover the mouth so that "water doesn't enter", inferring that real drowning doesn't happen.  He falsely said that it was "simulated drowning" -- thats simply untrue.  It is real suffocation and drowning.  If your lucky, it's controlled so that it is stopped in time, and you can be revived.  If your not so lucky, you drown (or, suffer from stroke, or other complications).

    Waterboarding works by having water enter the nasal passages, get into the windpipe, and in controlled amounts make it into your lungs.  It is incredibly painful, when your mouth is covered with cellophane, you eventually, your low-level reflexes, in  order to avoid suffocation, take a breath from your nose -- and this is how the water enters.  This isn't like "holding your breath", you've got someone big sitting on your chest forcing your lungs to exhale and preventing you from actually inhaling much at all.

    At that point, you've been suffocating for 20-45 seconds with your chest compressed, and finally, you lose your conscious control over your body.  Your body turns primitive, being suffocated, and gasps for air.  When you finally do take that breath, it's exactly what your body wants, it burns and besides the suffocation continuing, you have water entering your lungs.  It causes convulsions, and after only a short bit longer, if it continues, a blackout, followed by death if you are not quickly revived.  

    What's not usually noted is that at this point secondary complications to which the interviewer may not be prepared can emerge -- under the extreme stress to the body brain damage may occur, stroke, or a heart attack.  To think that an "aggressive" waterboarding session returns the person back in the same physical state they were before they started is a bit naive.  Secondary damage may be permanent, or fatal.

    Listening to this fella made me sick.  He sanitized the thing, going so far to say that he was water boarded for 20 seconds or so.   Basically, he probably didn't reach the level where he unconsciously took in water.  What he had was a bit of uncomfortableness around his nose and pressure on his chest, and a bit of suffocation.  Boo Hoo.  I think he'd have to wait for 30+s to really understand what was going on here.  Either he doesn't understand it; or he's blatantly lying.  I vote for the latter.

    Absolutely Sickening!

    •  every class cycle (1+ / 0-)
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      at Navy BUDS (SEALs) or Army Combat Diver School in Key West, someone drowns.  There are corpsmen or medics on the side of the pool for just this reason.  Usually, students that drown are "jump started" and thrown back in the pool to get over the fear of drowning.  It's not a big deal, but psychologically it is one of the greatest fears a human being has.  If one drowns in training, they usually wear it as a badge of testosterone on their sleeve, and well deserved I have to say.

      But the fact that it is a huge human psychological fear is irresistable for these people to ignore.

      Torture (drowning in this case) doesn't work for, nor is its purpose for, information.  It is merely a tool to dominate, a tool of power.

      People in charge of these training schools have known this for a long time, this is nothing new despite what CIA "experts" have to say.

      "Jedoch ich wollte, dass ihr nicht schon triumphiert: Der Schoß ist fruchtbar noch, aus dem das kroch." -Bertolt Brecht

      by Jeffersonian Democrat on Sat Dec 15, 2007 at 10:27:29 AM PST

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