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    If they have a hockey rink, then morgue use would be possible.

    However, more likely uses include alternative care sites that might function as a screening location (to wade through all those that think they might have the pandemic flu) for triage purposes, as an alternative care site for panflu patients, as an alternative care site for non-panflu patients (moved out of hospitals under reverse triage or diverted from typical health settings during the pandemic), or as an after-care site (for panflu patients that no longer need acute care but are not well enough to go home.)

    Another use for schools may be either as mass feeding or shelter sites (as used in more traditional disasters) in the event that power or food deliveries are interrupted by the impact of the pandemic).  (Imagine the power outages currently plaguing the midwest - but with 40-50% absenteeism in the utility workers trying to restore power.)

    While there are significant challenges to any of these uses, in the event of a moderate or severe pandemic our standard for acceptable risks as well as our standards of care and living will all likely find new parameters as we face unprecedented levels of need and woefully inadequate levels of capacity.  

    Think of the constitution as a levy. Think of our democracy as New Orleans.

    by Into The Woods on Mon Dec 17, 2007 at 11:05:12 AM PST

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