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View Diary: FISA Filibuster - It Ain't Close to Over if Dodd Has it in Him (42 comments)

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    In a vacuum, you'd assume that Dodd or someone else would object to any unanimous consent request made at the start of debate that would seek to impose the artificial 60 vote requirement for passage of any amendments, since he'd much rather have the 50%+1 requirement be the hurdle necessary for adopting the SJC substitute.

    But it's not happening in a vacuum. There may well be numerous amendments offered, some perhaps not so friendly and in fact rather odious. An unanimous consent agreement will govern them all, and it's quite possible that with some of them we'd be better off with a 60 vote "requirement." We don't know yet.

    There is the rub.  To fill the scenario we need consider the available counter moves by the Republicans in an environment where a simple majority could pass any germane amendment to either version of the FISA renewal bill.

    You can't underestimate the ingenuity of these people in finding wedge issues. In a post cloture environment the Republicans would be able to add any FISA-related provisions to the bill to which they could get even a few Democrats to be unwilling to vote against.  The Republicans might even release some of these amendments prior to the cloture vote to scare some Democrats into not supporting cloture.

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